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Import And Export Trade

Import And Export Trade

Import & Export Trade
Henan Central Sun International Tendering Co. Ltd has the import and export trade authorization issued by Ministry of Commerce of PRC. The import department and multi-business department are responsible for the import and export business.
Import Service
Business and technical communication and organizing negotiation for contracts
1, offering all technical communication service (including instant interpreting)
2, offering pertinent business clause in business meeting in order to benefit buyer, e.g. paying deposit, setting up L/C, paying final-pay and guarantee form
3, setting contract
4, offering the related series of service
Contract performance, Tax free declaration and Import declaration
1, communicating with the foreign side, applying L/C, making payment, checking order, booking warehouse, supervising transport
2, transacting the tax free procedure
3, making goods declaration, applying for examination after the arrival, organization inland transportation to make sure the goods arriving in time
Installattion, test-run and acceptance
1. Technical service in work site, including interpreting, writing daily work log, making installment and test-run memo each 20 days, and acceptance report
2. If any mistakes and missing happen in transportation and any bad performance in goods, negotiation with the foreign sides and claim for compensation
Export Product
Exporting or deputizing export in mechanical electrical products and chemical products.