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International Logistics

International Logistics

 Henan central sun international tendering Co. Ltd. is the subsidiary company of Henan central sun international tendering Co., Ltd. with the approval of the state authority, operating on international logistic ,customs declaration, domestic & international cargo transportation.
Business scope:
 Export by sea
Providing comprehensive service in the whole course of export of goods with integrated services such as booking shipping space aboard , customs declaration, loading of container/vessel , inspection of commodity and insurance.
 Import by sea
Arrangement of the packing and transportation of commodities according to the requirement of clients.
 Transport by land
Operating transportation by railway and motorway linked to the appointed port city such as Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai. We have abundant experience in transporting special goods and whole sets of equipment of factories and we can arrange all kinds of vehicles to transport.
 Transport by air
We have the global net system of transportation and experienced specialist. We can provide reasonable cost of transportation. Our service covers more then two hundred countries and areas throughout Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and South Pacific.
 Agency of insurance
The provision of import and export cargo insurance during the transportation covers the insurance of international transportation and all the insurance between a harbor and a destination in the transfer period. As an additional service of the international cargo transportation business, Our company provides all services including insurance with lower rate and compensation agency.
 Service for going through customs
Through persistent efforts and constant development, a team of professional workers for applying to customs and inspection, cargo transportation in foreign trade, the related laws and operation rules. Therefore, efficient service for going through customs are provided under related regulation.
 Temporary import
For the temporary import goods such as entry exhibits, our company is one of the few agencies for customs declaration and transportation of exhibits and has excellent communication channels with every government administrative institution concerning exhibiting and rich experience in making cards of exhibition., applying to customs, transporting, storing, maintaining exhibits, and decorating the exhibiting ground.
We are willing to provide you with excellent and most comprehensive service by our rich operating experience. In the meantime, we call offer you the related operating plan according to your specific situation about goods. Based on the experience gained by directly serving the users in these ten years. We believe confidently that we can fulfill the work you need by providing the most overall consideration and excellent program in accordance with various aspects such as safety, costs, etc..