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Bidding For Construction Proj.

Bidding For Construction Proj.

International Tendering
Henan Central Sun International Tendering Co. Ltd has the International bidding authorization issued by Ministry of Commerce of PRC in the mechanical and electrical products; the company also has the International bidding authorization in purchasing mechanical electrical product with domestic capital. The bidding department is responsible of the detailed service.
Our Service
1. Offering the provider list of all equipments that the clients want and inviting providers for clients, preparing for the bidding.
2. Making the complete business and technical documents for bidding, and translating them in English or Chinese under government standard, getting the pass of governmental examination and approval in time.
3. Offering particular client the effective technical explanation, inviting providers to come to China for the communication of technology in advance and offering the service on technological translation.
4. Setting up the professional evaluation committee,according to the needs of the clients, organizing the client representative and the experts in relative industries to set up the professional evaluation committee
5. Evaluating the bid and sending it to authorization department for approval
International Bidding Procedure Explanation
1.  Bidding organization helps the owner to register on China International Bidding Web
2.  The owner points out the detailed technical and business requirements to the bidding organization
3.  Complete the connection between the business part the technical part
4.  The owner finalizes the bid documents
5.  Choose the experts from the internet to evaluate and amend the bid documents
6.  Send the bid documents to directing department for examination and approval
7.  Publicize the bidding bulletin on China International Bidding Web
8.  Choose the evaluating experts on China International Bidding Web
9.  Open and evaluate the bidding, the owner affirm the result
10. Publicize the bidding result on China International Bidding Web
11. Send the bidding report to authorization department for examination and approval